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What is Wealthucate?

Wealthucate is a mobile software for financial advisers.  It allows you to gather and manage your client’s financial life in ONE place.

Spend more time on the most important activities.

Why use Wealthucate?

Wealthucate Questionnaire Framework


Wealthucate offers the wealth manager a proven framework to be more effective, harnessing the latest mobile technology to gather financial data.

Store Documents


Wealthucate is storage made simple: the data and reports are accessible wherever you are and automatically saved for future updates.

Wealthucate Data Gathering PDF Report


Wealthucate is a dedicated portal to facilitate and track the exchange of client information with their wealth adviser. The adviser can update and create a PDF report to share with the team.

Wealthucate is built by advisers like you.

Latest Technology

smartphoneGet the work done with any device, anytime, anywhere.

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Wealthucate is built on the latest mobile HTML5 technology to enable a world-class user experience.  That means you will be able to use your computer, mobile phone and tablet to get the job done.  This technology will work on iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Phone, and more.

Wealthucate is the only data gathering application in the wealth management space that is built on responsive mobile technology.

Planner Approved

teacher4Use a process to get the right data to better perform wealth management.

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Wealthucate is adviser-approved, with a framework for gathering data that adheres to the Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards.

The questionnaire is organized by the following categories:

  • Personal information
  • Retirement
  • Net Worth
  • Estate Planning
  • Insurance Planning
  • Investing
  • SBO (Small Business Owner)

In the cloud

person25Client reviews will take less time. 

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Get stuff done wherever you want, on any computer, and your files are always up to date. Nothing to install or upgrade, ever.

You the adviser can fill out the questionnaire or get your client to do it.

Client account information is saved and can be updated anytime.  Client updates generate alerts for the adviser.

We lock down and guard our servers, use encryption, and automatically back up all your valuable data.

Check out Wealthucate’s Certificate of Security



users7Increase collaboration with financial partners.

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Advisers need to collaborate with their professional network: insurance specialist; third party administrator; attorney.  Wealthucate provides the adviser with an organized PDF report so that everyone can easily share information with the wealth management team.

Compliance Approved

businessman37Pass your next compliance audit with ease.

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Chief Compliance Officers have helped to build Wealthucate. Our framework meets the Practice Standards (200-1, 200-2) framework that is offered by the CFB board.

And to stay current with the changing situation of each client, each adviser gains access to a management interface where they can view and update questionnaires.

Show FINRA that you have a safe process to gather client data.


Increase Productivity

partnershipSpend more time on client relationships.

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      • Free yourself from paper questionnaires
      • A dedicated interface for your clients that will save you time
      • A dedicated dashboard for advisers to stay compliant and make updates
      • Increase client data accuracy
      • A proven framework that will help you perform needs-analysis
      • Ability to share report with CRM’s and wealth management team



Three Step Process 

Wealthucate Process 2

Adviser Testimonial




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