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Frequently Asked Questions


Navigating Mobile App: Mouse or Finger

Wealthucate is built on the latest HTML 5 technology, which is what enterprise-grade applications are built with. Since it is a mobile app, user must “click and drag” to scroll with a mouse or use your finger on any touch based device. Once clients enter the questionnaire, they click Next to progress through the last tab until confirmation of completion.

Methods to complete a questionnaire

After the adviser completes their profile, they generate a unique URL link. This is gateway to the adviser portal.

Two ways to fill out a questionnaire:

1.  Share the adviser link or portal with a client and allow them to to create their own account and enter information.

2. The adviser can create an account on behalf of the client and start the questionnaire.

Export client data

The adviser can generate a PDF or Excel report, which can be shared with your CRM or team-members.

Save and Continue Later

Anytime a client fills out a questionnaire, they can return to their account anytime to edit or update information. Following, the adviser will be notified and can view the updated report. This will save time with annual reviews and uncover new opportunities.

Custom Notes

We offer a framework to gather data, but every adviser may want to add something extra. The adviser has a section at the bottom of every tab called “Add Notes,” where they can contribute additional information. Also, each question (even if asking for numbers) allows the adviser to enter text.

Skipping Data Fields

Feel free to skip questions or tabs. For example, you may want the client to skip information about Estate Planning or Small Business Owner (SBO), so they can hit the next button until completion.

Wealth management framework

The Wealthucate framework is derived from the Practice Standards (200-1, 200-2) structure that is offered by the CFB board. Also, we have built this product off the backs of top wealth managers.

Adviser Portal

Each adviser portal is only for one adviser. After they complete their profile, they get a custom link to share with clients. The client data reports are associated with the adviser portal, which can be accessed and updated in the documents tab.

Documents Portal

The documents portal is where the adviser selects a client data report. It is organized by clients last name with an accompanying time stamp. Adviser has the option to view, update or create a PDF to share with team or CRM.

Settings Tab

This is the tab where you can logout or change your password.

Logging In

Each client will be logging in to the unique URL associated with each adviser. The login can be done using email or a social media account, like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, or LinkedIn.

Subscription Tab

This is where advisers can update the plan type, which starts at three months. Advisers will notice that we offer significant discounts if you extend the membership. After you hit the subscribe button, you will receive an instant update about your plan duration.

Website Button

Advisers can use the custom URL to hyperlink to an image or word on a website. After completing your adviser profile, pass on the link to a web-designer. For example, an adviser may offer a free discovery meeting and the “call of action” entails filling out the questionnaire.

To help you get started even quicker, we have designed various buttons for your adviser portal:


Sample Questions

View the following presentation to understand how to use our framework.

Each page is a screenshot of the questionnaire, detailing important areas of financial planning with accompanying questions.

Customizing the Questionnaire

In the case where you need to customize fields on the questionnaire, Wealthucate will consider this request.  This will require a few hundred dollars for our programmers’ time.

Remember, in the standard questionnaire, you also have a notes tab at the end of each questionnaire for miscellaneous information.


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