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When you first created an account, you generated a personal link. Keep that link handy because you will pass it along with the image of your choice to your web-designer.

Step 1: Find button

  • Find your ideal button and save the button on your computer.

Step 2: Link button image

  • Request your web-designer to hyper link the image (button) with your adviser link.

Step 3: Start questionnaire

  • When you are with a client or prospect, click on the button to visit your portal and start questionnaire.


A sample of free buttons:

Free button wealthucate 3

Free button wealthucate 10

Free button wealthucate 6

Free button wealthucate 27

Wealthucate is offering financial advisers and wealth managers 30 free buttons.

Our goal is to make it easy for you to get started right away.  Download and save time and money since we are providing free graphic designs for your data gathering portal.