Financial Education

We understand your customers would love to be financially secure but don't know where to start. That's why Wealthucate's top priority is to provide world-class educational content that is customized specifically for them.

Taking Action

Wealthucate helps prioritize and schedule financial tasks. We send friendly reminders in order to encourage participation and completion of financial tasks.


Wealthucate uses its proprietary algorithm to gather and present your customer's unique financial needs. We then provide actionable advice for them to make a well-informed financial decision.

Streamline Engagement

While most needs can be handled by the customer themselves, we understand some situations are more complex. With Wealthucate, we make it easy for customers to engage a financial advisor once they've educated themselves and gathered any relevent information. This enables your financial advisors to actual focus on giving advice.

For Financial Institutions

Upsell Your Products

Integrate your existing financial product line within Wealthucate to better serve your customers needs

Measure Progress

Wealthucate's financial institution dashboard provides insights and metrics to show engagement, actions and financial progress. It enables you to understand how to address gaps based on current progress


Easy Customizable Implementation

We enable financial institutions to leverage existing vendors, education and perks in order to provide unbiased and personalized financial tasks.

Enterprise Ready

Wealthucate offers SSO integration with your existing identity provider. We also use strong encryption on a secure cloud provider to make sure your data is always secure.

Holistic Approach

The Wealthucate app offers a holistic approach which will maximize financial health.

Retirement Planning

Learn about how much to save and retire on your terms.

Debt Management

Create a game plan to manage your debts.

Emergency Savings

Ensure that you have enough emergency savings for unexpected expenses.

Financial Health

Understand your current financial health and monitor progress over time.

Built and tested by top CFP® professionals.

Your Customers

The Wealthucate app offers a holistic approach which will maximize financial health.

Your Language

Simple language to understand you in order to deliver personalized solutions.

Save Money

Affordable advice which can save you $5,700 per year.

Smart Software

The smart software uses an algorithm to increase your financial health.

Monitor Progress

Understand your current financial health and track progress over time.

Our Team

We consist of the brightest minds in financial planning, investment advisory, and FinTech. We have served Fortune 500 companies with financial wellness and financial benefits.

Faruk Jaffer, CFP®, ChFC®

Faruk brings financial wellness and FinTech experience from companies like Google, Edward Jones and Intuit.

Imran Raja

Imran is the enterprise expert and software architect with experience working at companies such as GE Digital, MB Financial, LendKey and TuneCore.

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